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Welcome to Gameplan, we're excited that you're here

Gameplan was created after over a decade of growing a small Oklahoma-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business into a global market leader valued at over $500m.


Hello business owners and marketing leaders

Hi, I'm Darren, the Founder of Gameplan.

Over the course of my career, I've made hundreds of decisions between hiring in-house marketing resources or outsourcing to agencies. Both approaches can be costly, and my experience has taught me that both are filled with complicated processes, long timelines, and bloated fees.

So, I learned to be resourceful and keep making progress on our business goals. I picked up new skills, leveraged technology, and then built teams that did the same. The result was a business that grew exponentially, acquired other businesses, and was private-equity funded twice - so you could say I've experienced a few things.

When I started Gameplan, I wanted it to be the type of service that actively defused frustrations, simplified the approach, and helped grow businesses faster for their owners. So, whatever stage your business is at, I'm confident that Gameplan can help make a real difference to your business. We look forward to hearing from you.

darren colclough gameplan founder