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Focus on the Small Victories to Achieve Your Goals

We all have goals; personal, societal, and work. You can set yourself a singular goal or a combination of outcomes that get you to an ultimate future state. Sometimes the destination can be close, but often you have to work hard for weeks, months, or years to achieve it. Many people struggle to achieve their goals, but by focusing one day at a time, that goal is far more achievable.

The success is in the (daily) detail

We're generally taught to focus on the final goal, the outcome. As people, we envision the end state (which satisfies us) and compare our current state to that - this is where we often lose momentum. While it is essential to know where you're aiming for, the incremental advancements toward that goal should demand your focus. Each intent (or deliverable in layman's terms), however small, is critical to your progress.

goals vs deliverables

Do not overlook the power of walking for 15 minutes daily, adding money to your savings each week, or contacting one more business lead than the day before. They all get you one step closer. Focus on the small deliverables, celebrate the small wins, and feel good about your progress at the end and throughout your journey.

One final rule; check that your deliverables are in line with moving toward your goals. If you find they are not, redirect your energy to stay on course.