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Introducing Cody: A Simple AI Assistant

Today, talk of AI is everywhere. However, not everyone is able to jump on their computer and start churning out highly trained AI models to optimize their business. For those dipping their toe into the water of AI, there is a tool that is a good starting point. Cody AI is a simple assistant that can be trained on your information and deployed on the front lines as support triage, pre-sales chatbot, or internal knowledge tool. So, what do you need to know?

What is Cody AI, and why is it helpful?

Cody AI is not just a chatbot. Cody can be trained on your business, team, processes, and clients. Think of it as an employee who's always ready to provide answers and does so consistently. There are plenty of benefits to using Cody AI:

  1. It provides fast answers: No need to sift through endless documents; Cody learns all the information you give it and provides concise answers based on that information. Users can ask in their native language and Cody can respond in the same language, even if the originating information was only provided in English.
  2. Flexible ways to train the AI: You can securely upload any information, from presentations to PDFs, or even crawl an entire website. This allows you to "merge" your knowledge without repurposing everything.
  3. Efficiency: With Cody's fast answers, your customers and team can achieve more in a shorter amount of time. Cody can assist in helping with technical issues, answering product questions, drafting emails, translating documents, or one of many other administrative and creative tasks.
  4. Ideas Machine: Cody can provide new perspectives on your challenges if configured to do so. It also can remember conversations and contextual history, so it's like chatting with a friend or mentor with the answers to many things.

So, what's the catch with Cody?

Like any AI tool, it doesn't just instinctively know your information. You'll need time to gather your information to share with Cody. However, once you've uploaded files or asked it to crawl websites, you can set up specialized chatbots tailored to tasks you want to achieve. For example, "Sales Bot" can be configured on just high-level product and pricing questions and deployed on your website, while "Tech Bot" can be taught the nitty gritty of how your product works and provide internal and external technical support. You could even configure a bot to know everything - 🤖 🧠

Cody Ai can also be deployed to work inside apps like Slack and Notion.

Important: A cornerstone of training any AI tool is that the rule of "garbage in, garbage out" applies. Any inaccuracies or bit-part information you provide will potentially lead to chatbot answers that don't meet your expectations.  

Try it for yourself

You can try Cody for free, and then subscription plans start at $29/mo. You can sign up for Cody on their website here.

If you'd prefer to explore this with the help of Gameplan, please don't hesitate to contact us here.