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You're Not That Busy; Be Sure to Take a Break

Everyone has been guilty of an "extreme" work focus. The task you tell yourself must get done now, something that is so important you can't spare a second to focus on anything else. Well, here's a secret: it's not that important.

It is a fallacy to tell ourselves that what we're working on is so crucial that we can't take time for non-work priorities. We must remind ourselves of what is replaceable and what is not.

Replaceable assets

The idea of starting from scratch is not a fun one, but it's doable. Revenue, products, your website, and marketing collateral are all things that can be rebuilt. You can also put logos, trademarks, systems, processes, and customer lists into the same bucket - they can all be reassembled or repurchased. These are not comparable with your irreplaceable assets.

Irreplaceable assets

While you're investing time in your work, your family is investing in you. Time with your family and their loyalty is entirely irreplaceable. Remind yourself it is more than OK to take a break, change the scenery, and step away from work to enjoy some time with loved ones.

The Bottom Line

Many of us are working hard to provide for our loved ones. However, why work so hard only to ignore the opportunity to spend irreplaceable time with our most significant supporters? Take a break; you'll thank yourself for it.